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Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles
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 Curly Coat Beagles
Curly Coat Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles 

Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles
Curly Coat Variant

This is Evangeline and her new owner!

About curly coats:  We have had less than a dozen of these born over the years.  But you are going to see more of them hereafter, because we decided we like them! And our customers do too.  They look similar to a Cavalier crossed with a Beagle.  Its a great concept for a soft, pettable fur coat that is still easy to care for and has minimal shedding.  Its stays clean looking and they smell good without much bathing.  The curly coat is lightweight in the summer and grows thicker in winter.  As the weather warms up again you can easily brush any loose hairs with a slicker brush.  Its much like a human loses the occasional hairs.  Not a big shed. 

Four years later!  July 2020. Evangeline is renamed LUCY.  And she is sooooooo pretty!


Evangeline and Angelique's Mother is a smooth coat classic beagle.

Puppy from next litter is for sale now:


Tricolor Pocket Beagle
Curly Coat Male


Tricolor Pocket Beagle
Curly Coat Female Puppy

Adult Curly Coat Pixiebeagle Breeding Mother Dog

From The Homestead Pixiebeagles of Tennessee

Tempest's daughter Shellie

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